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Several craftsmen have settled in Mehun-sur-Yèvre: a cabinet maker, a painting restorer, a mosaic specialist...

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Alain Jarry

Alain Jarry designs and manufactures scale model railways, mainly carriages, scale 1:43 made entirely of brass. Each piece is individually (...)


Alizarine Workshop

What a joy to see a painting restored! By meticulous cleaning, relining or laying a piece, Véronique Lantrès assures that work entrusted to her (...)



Wood, a noble material comes to life or lives again under the fingers of cabinet craftsmen: Sylvain Ferru and Damien Vandecandelaere. They deal (...)


Cédric Tourneur

Cédric Tourneur engraves glass and mirrors whatever the shape,colour or size of the glass. There is nothing more elegant or original than to give (...)


Christian Mauduit

From plans obtained from the SNCF (The French Railway company), he has redone the drawings, manufactured and assembled each piece to reproduce (...)


Fleur à Pois

Emilie Vandecandelaere loves colour. She realizes frescoes and paintings based on the tastes and inclinations of her clients. Creating a new (...)


LT Boüard Emeric

Emeric Boüard is newly installed in Mehun as an upholsterer. He has had an unusual career, which led him to discover two facets of this business: (...)


The Baillet Company

The family business Baillet has been present in Mehun-sur-Yèvre for over 100 years. The company "Terre des Arts" specialises in the manufacture (...)


Yves Ducourtioux

For nearly 30 years, the drawing academy of Yves Ducourtioux has produced China ink illustrations. The monuments, landscapes and other sights of (...)